Tax Returns

Tax Returns

Our tax return service is comprehensive and includes the tax calculation itself, submission of the tax return through 3rd party secure software, and all reminders of approaching deadlines, projected tax amounts and due dates.

Sole Trader

Doing paperwork at the end of a working day or at the weekend isn’t always easy.  We can take care of the financial side of your business allowing you to concentrate on the operational side that generates the income.

Using JMB as your outsourced pair of hands can have many advantages:

  • All your paperwork is sorted, dealt with and filed
  • Tax deductible expenses are incorporated
  • Identify who owes you money and who you owe money to
  • We can act as your credit control department
  • You’ll know if you are making a profit
  • Keep track of your tax liability
  • VAT is taken care of and returns submitted to HMRC
  • Have more time to spend to spend with the family

As a first step, if you are interested in getting rid of the administrative burden, please come and chat to us.  You decide how you’d like us to be involved in your business, that might be on a regular monthly basis, a review to include the VAT return each quarter, or just once a year to deal with the accounts and tax return.


Working in the construction industry as a sub-contractor often means that you will have had tax deducted at source from the contractor. Our service handles this situation quickly and efficiently ensuring that you receive any potential refund at the earliest possible opportunity.


As a company director, you will know that along with plenty of responsibilities your position also attracts certain benefits, and whether you are a single director employee or part of a larger organisation, we can help make sure that you are not missing out.

We can advise on dividends, director’s loans, corporation tax and all compliance matters as well as helping to plan efficiently for you and your business.


Many of our clients do not own a business but still need to complete and submit a tax return. This might be on an annual basis or for just a single year. Returns can be required for a number of reasons such as providing details of income from investments, receiving rental income, selling a property or recording multiple sources of income.

Our fees are completely customised to the requirements of each individual client, based on the amount of information required to complete the return. We never adopt a one-size fits all approach and we always discuss and agree fees ahead of instruction.

Passing this sometimes painful exercise into the hands of specialists like JMB can remove the stress of completion and concerns about the outcome.

Tax Calculations

With proper reporting and accurate bookkeeping, the process of preparing and submitting tax returns becomes a much easier process.

Integral to any submission is of course correctly calculating the amounts payable, taking into account all allowances, benefits and deductions. At JMB we pride ourselves in dealing with all aspects of these calculations on behalf of our clients with a process that includes robust investigations and the rigorous checking and re-checking of all facts and figures.


If you rent out a commercial or residential property in the UK or abroad, the likelihood is that you will need to complete an annual tax return.

This can be quite routine, or it may be littered with potential issues that might trip up the unprepared, particularly if you are adding property to an existing portfolio.

With several of our clients renting out property, we are very well positioned to guide you through this potential minefield, minimising your tax liability where possible and keeping the process as simple as we can.

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of ‘accidental landlords’, a situation where property is inherited and rather than selling, the family decides to rent it out. It will come as no surprise that HMRC are often keen to investigate such cases and once again, we can help the unwary or inexperienced.

Capital Gains Computations

We have mentioned elsewhere on our website that it can sometimes seem that HMRC use a language deliberately designed to confuse the uninitiated. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, the system is actually designed to reduce the opportunity for error or misinterpretation.

Capital Gains Tax is a perfect example with its ever-changing legislation and guidelines.

The good news is that with experts in your corner and some sensible planning you can reduce, delay or even completely avoid Capital Gains Tax, depending upon your circumstances.

We will advise on all relevant and appropriate tax reductions for professional fees, expenditure and allowances as well as claim all eligible reliefs, and guide you carefully through the process from start to finish.

Our service is of course bespoke to the specific needs of our clients, the rules might change but the outcomes never should because we know our business well and our experience is just a call away.

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