Payroll & Pensions

Payroll & Pensions

Taking care of your most important asset


The workforce of any business is often its most valuable asset and it is obligatory upon every employer, regardless of size to treat its employees fairly, and with respect.

One of the most obvious ways of demonstrating this respect is to make sure that every employee is paid the correct wage, on time every time and that all allowances and deductions are correctly calculated and applied.

Payroll Portal

Once the processing has been completed, our payroll portal enables easy, secure access to reports and payslips allowing you and your employees to remain fully informed. In this way, any anomalies can be sorted out quickly and without fuss. Our aim is to make payroll as streamlined as possible, ensuring that this particular worry is properly dealt with, and ticked off the list.


Since the introduction of workplace pension provision, often referred to as Auto Enrolment, we have been working with clients to provide a complete and comprehensive service dealing with every reporting aspect of this key benefit for employees.

As we are not Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) we are not able to advise on individual pension schemes, we do however ensure compliance with HMRC and Pensions Regulator guidelines.

This is a complex issue, one in which we consider ourselves well-versed and competent but more than this, we believe in the importance of pension provision and our service includes all relevant pension procedures as a matter of course.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

If you are a Contractor

CIS is littered with pitfalls.  A process should be developed to ensure every payment made to a subcontractor is accounted for, both from the prospective of the subcontractor and from yours.  All of the tasks required are deadline driven as HMRC is very keen on issuing penalties for those not adhering to the rules.

We’ll do everything we can to avoid you getting penalties, keep you up to date with your CIS responsibilities and notify you of tax you need to pay.  Send all the paperwork and information to us, we’ll sort, collate and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

Our Contractor Accounting packages include:

  • Checking the employment status of a new sub-contractor
  • Verification with HMRC (necessary before payment is made)
  • Completing and submitting the monthly CIS return
  • Generating the monthly voucher for the subcontractor
  • Maintaining regular bookkeeping
  • Providing quarterly management and annual accounts
  • Completing and submitting self-assessment tax return
  • Support via telephone and email

We can also help with setting up job sheets, quotations and invoicing.

If you really don’t want the hassle of filling forms and meeting the mandatory HMRC deadlines, come and talk to us.

If you are a subcontractor

If you are a sole trader working in the construction industry, there is every likelihood that you have had tax deducted by the contractor you work for. We make sure that we claim any refunds due to you as early as possible.

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