Annual and Statutory Accounts Preparation Services in Hampshire and West Sussex

The accurate preparation of annual, or statutory accounts remains a cornerstone of any accountancy practice. At JMB we take care of everything on behalf of our clients, from annual accounts to preparation to HMRC submission, as well as budgeting and cash flow forecasts.

When it comes to compliance, you’re in very safe hands. With years of experience working with limited companies and small to medium-sized businesses in Hampshire and the local area, we are your go-to experts when it comes to tailored, trusted and reliable annual accounts preparation and filing services. Get in touch with the team at JMB today to discuss your requirements.

Annual accounts

Accounts can look quite confusing. With bespoke annual account preparation and filing services from JMB, we help you understand them by breaking them down into meaningful chunks. We can also provide extra reports or summaries with the accounts to help summarise the figures.

Many of our clients use us for providing management accounts. The annual accounts fee is discounted to allow for the fact that most queries will be sorted throughout the year. This means also that the annual accounts can be completed quickly once the year-end has been reached.

For standalone limited company annual accounts, we aim to turn these around within 90 days. This depends on when we receive the paperwork, the time of year and how we receive the information.  Our proposal sets out the guidelines and relevant fees before we start work so there are no surprise bills.

The process includes everything from the preparation of the accounts to the final submissions at HMRC and Companies House.  We keep you updated with progress and the potential tax liabilities.

Other add-on services can be included such as cash flows and budgets.

If you are moving from your current accountant, we make this process as easy and smooth as possible.

Call us today for a no-obligation informal chat to discuss your annual accounts preparation and filing requirements. Whether you’re a small business in West Sussex or a medium-sized enterprise in Hampshire, we are here to help.

Management Accounts

Some of our services might be described as ‘a necessary evil’, those legal requirements that keep you and your business on track with HMRC and ‘the VAT Man’.

Management Accounts are a little different but just as vital to your business, accurate reporting will allow you to know exactly where your business is placed, making sure that you are positioned to react with confidence should an opportunity arise.

Management Accounts are all about ‘knowing your
numbers’, cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheets all combining to provide an accurate picture of your trading position.

Whether for growth or consolidation, it always pays to know your numbers.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasts

We cannot emphasise enough the value to any business of accurate and up to date information for keeping on top of budgeting and cash flow.

Opportunities can be missed without access to true facts and figures, decisions taken without properly researched and accurate evidence can be costly.

Whatever your requirement, whether for a new piece of machinery, an expansion plan or a recruitment issue, it is vital that you base your decisions on sound intelligence.

Push the button or gently touch the brake, make sure the timing is right.

Monthly or Quarterly Reports

You may have noticed that we place a great deal of emphasis on accurate reporting.

Of course, not every business needs monthly reports. In fact, not every business owner wants monthly reports, they have enough faith in our services to know that we will be keeping an eye on all things accounts based and they simply prefer not to be in receipt of every piece of information.

However, regular reporting is your decision, we will adapt our service to your requirements, adding advice where appropriate and when deemed necessary.

Whether you prefer them monthly or quarterly, our reports are clear, jargon free and consistent.

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Are you ready to streamline your accounting, prepare your annual accounts, and make informed financial decisions? JMB is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re a small business in Hampshire, or a limited company in West Sussex, our team of experts is ready to provide tailored accounting solutions to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation, informal chat to discuss how JMB can help you achieve financial clarity and success.

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