Tax Retuns


Tax Return to Complete?

Not everyone has to complete a tax return, however, if a tax return has been issued by HMRC, you must complete and return it even if there is no income to declare or there is no tax to pay. If you are sending it by post, the deadline is the 31st October following the end of the tax year 5th April. If you are submitting it online you have until 31st January i.e. 10 months past the tax year end. Penalties can be issued by HMRC for being just 1 day late.

Tax returns for Sole Traders are automatically dealt with by JMB as part of the Annual year end process. Those for director’s are charged separately but can still be included in a regular payment plan. They are automatically included in our Gold and Platinum account packages.

Stand Alone Services

We offer a stand alone service for completing a tax return. This is especially useful if you have extra income that generates a tax return but aren’t running a business. A straight forward tax return completion and submission starts at £125 + VAT.

In order to complete a tax return, we send you a form to capture the information required. This enables us to prepare a tax computation to establish the tax situation. We then submit this online at the earliest opportunity avoiding any last minute panics to meet the deadline of 31st January, and informing you of the resultant tax liability or refund.

If you have tax return(s) outstanding and aren’t sure how to deal with them, please give us a call on 01428 727313 and speak to Jan or Vic.