Payroll Made Easy

Outsourcing your payroll can ‘free up’ valuable time for yourself or an employee designated with the task of payroll. Becoming more complex each year, we can take this worry off your shoulders, but still supply all the relevant figures for you to keep track of payroll costs and HMRC liabilities.

As your business grows, the security aspect can sometimes cause concern, allocating the work to be done outside of your office can ease this problem.

Our personal payroll service can be used for 1 – 100 employees. As an agent we operate a fast turnaround and all the necessary paperwork with minimum disruption to you and your business.

Advantages of Outsourcing

    No initial outlay for costly software or training
    Time required only to notify us of hours worked and overtime
    No need for in-house payroll team or extra employee to process PAYE
    Compliance is taken care of
    Minimised security issues
    Extra reports available to help with costing and decision making

The monthly fee starting at just £25 + VAT per month is inclusive of all processing, reports, payslips and dealing with joiners and leavers. We supply new employee forms, templates for recording hours and anything else that helps us to help you!

Transition from a current payroll system can be done during the year, but is beneficial if transferred at the end of the tax year.

Real Time Information (RTI)

RTI is now mandatory for all employers An online monthly return is necessary to record the pay for all employees no matter how much they earn.

Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment becomes mandatory for nearly all businesses with employees over the next 18 months (other than those with just director employees). The staging date (when auto enrolment commences) varies with each business.We can establish when your start date is and manage your Auto Enrolment for you.

Preparation time is key so don’t delay finding out more about your responsibilities as an employer.

Catherine is our Payroll Manager & deals with all aspects of RTI and Auto Enrolment.

Please call 01428 727313 for advice and information.