Time Consuming but Necessary

Bookkeeping is often considered a chore to do at the end of the day when tired and not in the right frame of mind. It is, however, a vital part of running a business and without some form of bookkeeping, a business can easily run aground. Knowing who owes you money and who you owe money to keeps you on track. Monitoring the turnover will allow you to rest easy or kick your butt!

JMB can take away all the hassle of dealing with paperwork on a regular basis. Drop an envelope or file off each month or quarter, we will process and provide you with the results in the form of management accounts and schedules of outstanding amounts due from customers and to suppliers.

We”ll work with you to establish a system that works for us both. Bookkeeping is virtually the same whether a sole trader, limited company or partnership, just a couple of minor differences which we take into account.

We can also carry out work on site and help to manage and organise systems in house.

VAT Registered?

A complete VAT service is included in our bookkeeping packages.

If you are already registered we organise the VAT quarters to correspond with your financial year end. This then becomes a combined exercise to update the books, and prepare & submit the VAT Return.

If you are not yet VAT registeed, we can monitor your turnover to ensure registration takes place when turnover exceeds the threshold (currently £82,000).

Once VAT registered, a bookkeeping system needs to adapt to meet VAT requirements. We can advise accordingly.

If bookkeeping is a headache you can do without call us now. Consider the hours this might release to use more effectively in the business.

Call us to discuss further if this is of interest on 01428 727313 or email Jan here