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Frequently asked questions

The team have broad skills and very precise talents, able to assist with specialist subjects as well as offering perfect advice on all manner of other sectors and services. There are however, occasions when a client requirement cannot be immediately discharged and at these times we are delighted to have the services and counsel of our network of trusted and highly respected fellow professionals to call on.

The pandemic has affected every business, not just in the UK but globally. For some the situation has brought opportunities, a different way of working and a chance to expand into new directions and markets.

However, for many, the current situation has presented unprecedented challenges, difficult decisions are being made at every level of the economy, decisions that may have a profound and long-lasting effect on business owners large and small, their families and their employees.

Here at JMB we appreciate that many of our clients are experiencing genuine difficulties and we remain steadfast in our support because we believe that an accountant is not just there for the good times, we must also stand up and be counted when there are challenges to be faced.

We do not have every answer but we can promise clear, straightforward and reliable advice all delivered by real humans with a real interest in you and your business…a chat with JMB might just make all the difference.

Yes, registering as your agent is part of our onboarding process. Once registered we will communicate with HMRC on your behalf

Yes, we send out reminders for self-assessment tax in January and July approximately 2 weeks before the due dates. The VAT is notified to you along with the due date or the date the direct debit will be collected from your bank if paying by DD. Corporation tax is notified to you on completion of the accounts with a reminder sent 2 weeks before the due date.

Yes, you can ask to see this when visiting the office or view it on our website, located at the bottom of the page next to our T’s & C’s.

Yes, Angela and Catherine make up our payroll department and have several years experience between them. We use third party software which is updated with all new rules and regulations surrounding PAYE. Constant learning is taken up ensuring we are always up to date and can advise our clients accordingly

Our primary software packages used within JMB are Xero and Quickbooks. Although similar in the output, there are slight differences within each package. Our clients have the choice or we can recommend based on experience and operational requirements

Yes, we always recommend our clients take this up as it gives piece of mind should HMRC raise an enquiry into your accounts or tax return. This can vary from a simple question to a full blown tax investigation which can cause time and stress. Because 85% of our clients take advantage of this service we can keep the cost to an absolute minimum – £35 + VAT for a sole trader and £95 + VAT for a limited company including their directors.

Yes, depending on your circumstances and business status, you will fall into one of our business units managed by Vic (Victoria), Catherine or Jan.

Yes, we have a few spaces behind our offices located in London Road. The access is via Haslemere Road, as shown on our contact us page.

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